Student admission at the MP-SEd is conducted through an independent scheme in accordance with UPI Academic Guidelines of 2015. The process of enrolling students at the MP-SEd refers to the SOP on Admission and Selection of New Students, which includes admission and selection of new students. The focus of the intake policy is the improvement of the quality of new students, which is pursued through appropriate recruitment strategies that are designed and carried out systematically.

New students of MP-SEd should meet the following requirements:

  1. Holding an undergraduate degree from a state university, or its equivalent, with a minimum GPA of 2.75;
  2. Completing the undergraduate degree through thesis writing or having adequate work experience; and
  3. Passing the admission process, which is based on tests of academic aptitude and English proficiency and examination of academic track records and scientific works.

In the admission process, prospective students may choose two study programs, i.e. the first and second choices. The policy of the study program is to prioritize those who take the MP-SEd as the first choice. A candidate who chooses the MP-SEd as the second option may be accepted if the test scores qualify and seats are still available. The tests include Test of English Proficiency and Test of Academic Aptitude, both are written.The procedure of student admission is outlined in figure below.