Welcome to the International Conference on Mathematics and Science Education (ICMScE
2021). The conference is considered as a forum media for researchers, teachers, and students
to share their research and experience. Another aim’s is to support UPI program to become a
leading university by improving the quality and quantity of international publications of
lecturers and students of UPI (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia), Postgraduate Schools,
Master Program in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Science and Mathematics Education and
Doctor Program in Science and Mathematics Education collaboratively conducted
International Conference on Mathematics and Science Education 2021 on Juny 12th . Due to
growing concerns about COVID-19, ICMScE 2021 will cancel its physical conference this
year, instead shifting to a fully virtual conference.
ICMScE is one of conferences held by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. This year, ICMScE
raised the theme of “Sustainable-Thinking Competences Awareness toward Society 5.0 in the
Light of COVID-19”. This theme is considered to be able to represent the needs of mathematics
and science education in the present and future to meet a smart and sustainable society. This
conference presents the keynote speakers who are experienced in their fields, so that they can
contribute the latest scientific knowledge to the conference participants. The ICMScE
participants came from various universities in Indonesia and Abroad, therefore it became an
opportunity for each participant to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and have the opportunity
to collaborate.
At the Main Session, presentations were held and presentations were followed by discussions
from 5 Keynote Speakers namely Prof Charles Hopkins from University in Toronto, Ontario,
Canada; Dr. Ida Kaniawati, M.Si, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia; Prof. Beno Csapo from
University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary; Prof. Muammer Calik from Trabzon University,
Trabzon, Turkey and Prof. Ts. Dr. Faaizah Binti Shahbodin from University Teknikal
Malaysia. The Plenary Session has presented a presentation followed by discussion from 5
Invited Speakers namely Prof. Dr. Nahadi, M.Pd., M.Si (Chemistry Education), Prof. Topik
Hidayat, M.Si., Ph.D (Biology Education), Dr. Eko Hariyono, M.Pd (Science Education),
Prof. Turmudi, M.Ed., M.Sc., Ph.D (Mathematics Education) and Prof. Dr. Wawan
Setiawan, M.Kom (Computer education). At the Parallel Session, presentations were held
followed by discussions from presenters (from Turkey, Philippines, and Thailand). The total
registrants were 550 participants, 531 participants submitted abstracts, and 470 participants
submitted full papers. All papers presented (as orally) have done through a review process.
Selected articles will be published in the IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series (indexed
by Scopus and ISI Thomson Reuters), AIP Publishing and Journal SINTA Indexed such as
Jurnal Pendidikan Sains Indonesia (JPSI) and Jurnal IPA dan Pembelajaran IPA (JIPI), Unsyiah
Unsyah, Momentum: Physics Education Journal and Jurnal Inspirasi Pendidikan, Unikama,
Kwangsan: Jurnal Teknologi Pendidikan, Kemendikbud, Jurnal Inovasi Pendidikan IPA, UNY,
Journal of Science Learning (JSL), UPI, Paper that unselected will be published in proceedings
at the International Conference on Mathematics and Science Education of Universitas
Pendidikan Indonesia. Paper will be automatically indexed by Google Scholar, GARUDA,
BASE, PKP Index, etc.